Innovation and TechnologyInnovation and Technology

Zitrón understands that change is endless and that staying ahead of the competition
demands flexibility, creative thinking, constant innovation and the embrace of changing technologies.

We are committed to harnessing innovation and technology to drive our success
and to maximise the value that we deliver to our customers.

BIM (Building Information Modelling)

An intelligent, model-based process that delivers superior product design

Our use of BIM enables us to enhance project outcomes and to significantly reduce project lifespan costs. It provides a more comprehensive understanding of project requirements from beginning to end, thereby enhancing design solutions, optimizing operational efficiencies and increasing asset utilisation rates.

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Simulations that test, validate and optimize product design

Zitrón’s Engineering Department harnesses CFD technology to simulate and optimise the critical components of a ventilation system, including the connections between a horizontal fan and vertical shaft, 90º bends, bifurcation areas and much more. Zitrón uses FLUENT® to conduct 3D modelling of ventilation systems to optimise and validate system design and performance.


An innovative solution for safety shelters and escape corridors in tunnel by-passes

Our MODULBYP unit enhances tunnel safety by providing a fire-protected, power and communication-enabled safety shelter and escape corridor that can be used in the case of emergencies.


A three-dimensional verification of fan blade quality

Rotor blades pay a vital role in fan performance and Zitrón uses 3D scanning of blades to verify their technical design compliance prior to fan assembly. Our ability to conduct comparison tests between scanned real blades and theoretical blade delivers enhanced quality and better performance.