Quality, Safety and EnvironmentQuality, Safety and Environment

Zitrón has an unwavering commitment to quality, safety and environmental standards and we are committed to the protection of each other, our business and our environment to build a sustainable and profitable enterprise that contributes to making the world a better place for all.

Management and Quality Commitments

Zitrón strives to provide goods and services that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ specified needs and expectations. We aim to do so in a way that fully complies with the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we operate and with all applicable standards, including Quality Standard ISO 9001, and practices.

All Zitrón personnel are aware of and committed to the fulfillment of our quality standards and to excelling in everything that they do, through embracing continuous improvement and innovation in the areas of training, planning, monitoring, inspecting and verification. Every member of our team is committed to customer satisfaction through a sense of collaboration and motivation.

Data Protection

Zitrón is committed to protecting all data that we obtain from any source in the conduct of our business. We way in which we store and manage the data obtained is outlined in our Privacy Policy , which fully complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations and the comparable laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we operate.

See our Privacy Policy.

Environmental Commitments

Zitrón is committed to providing solutions for a more sustainable world. We are committed to operating in accordance with environment and sustainability strategies that deliver benefits for the projects in which we are involved, the communities where we operate and the global environment by implementing office and project-site based programs and initiatives that reduce environmental impact and by requiring all of our suppliers to adhere to similar strategies.

We strive to fully comply with the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we operate and with all applicable standards, including Quality Standard ISO 14001, and practices, doing all that we can to reduce wastage, recycle materials wherever possible, minimise our carbon footprint and prevent pollution.

OH&S Commitments

At Zitrón, we believe that the well-being of our people is fundamental to our success and our top priority in everything that we do is therefore the protection of the health and safety (‘H&S’) of all individuals affected by our activities, including our people, our suppliers and the public.

Zitrón prides itself on having an established and mature safety culture. The tenets of our culture are contained in our comprehensive H&S Policy, which prioritises achieving Zero Harm in all that we do.

We work to achieve this through:

  • Setting clear leadership expectations, developing and involving our people, and acting with integrity.
  • Two-way engagement with our workforce focusing on a message of personal commitment, active caring, critical risk management, control effectiveness, and data analysis. Our people at all levels are actively involved and accountable.
  • Learning from our experiences and investing in our workplace culture to the extent that all employees and suppliers have enhanced commitment and capability.
  • Continuing to improve and simplify our management systems to support the way we work.
  • Continual focus on managing risks that have the potential to cause harm to our people or the community.
  • Working only with suppliers that share our values and commitment to H&S.
  • Aligning our values throughout our company.

See The Integrate Management System Policy Statement.