Mechanical ventilation onboard a ship can become a significant electrical consumer, mainly in those types of ships where, in addition to EnginecRoom, there are specific and highly demanding ventilation needs in cargo holds, cargo decks, passenger areas, … This is a typical situation in ships like Cruises, ferrries, Car Carriers, Livestock Carriers, Reefer Container Carriers, among other shiptypes.

The energy challenge affects many areas, like:

  • Energy consumption by the ventilation system and its cost.
  • Sizing of the Electric Generating Sets
  • Higher emissions (NOx, CO2, SOx, ….

In order to mitigate all these issues, Zitron has developed the EffiPluz product line, with an aerodynamic design and a very high efficiency, reaching up to 87% (tested). This allows for absorbed power reductions that can amount to a 25%. It also improves the electrical balance, with a demand for lower installed power and also reduces the emissions to the environment. These are all factors that imply savings in the ship operation


Technical particulars

Unlike standard marine fans, all our Effipluz fans are designed for the required and specific working point, minimizing the power losses inside the casing, this assuring an optimum performance in the working area. Our Effipluz fans are of solid construction, with an external casing flanged in both sides, and provided with guide vanes and aerodynamic profile blades. The electric motors are always of high efficiency type with external junction box. Number and shape of the guide vanes and impeller type, are particulars that are defined by the required flow and pressure in each specific case.