Mining Shaft EquipmentMining Shaft Equipment

With more than 50 years of experience, Zitrón designs and supplies fully integrated solutions for mine shaft applications, including mine hoist systems such as:

  • Emergency escape hoist.
  • Service hoist.
  • Production hoist.
  • Inclined hoisting systems for mining, civil works and public transport.

All mine hoists are custom designed in accordance with the projects’ safety requirements in order to optimize production efficiencyand to ensure the economic sustainability of the project

Zitrón’s mine shaft equipment is completed with:


Zitrón designs, manufactures and supplies the following mine hoist systems:

  • Single drum winder
  • Double drum winder
  • Friction hoist multi-rope (koepe)

Hoist are fully automated and monitored. They are generally mounted on steel frame for factory testing, ease assembly and commissioning. Hoists are powered by electric or hydraulic drives.


Standard or custom-designed to deflect wire ropes from the hoist to the conveyance. Sheaves are manufactured plainly in steel, if required, with polymer inserts to protect and increase the wire rope durability.


Cages are designed to transport materials and equipment efficiently and to guarantee personnel safety during transportation. They can be built from steel or aluminum to meet the needs of the environment. Zitrón’s cages are designed in accordance with international safety standards and include a safety brake system.


Zitron’s skips are custom-designed, meeting our clients transportation needs and delivering reliable and safe operation. Skips are costeffective because of their faster functioning, clean dumping and proven safety devices. Zitrón designs main types of skips according to production needs: overturning, swing-out body or fixed body


Zitrón offers a full range of rope attachments, designed and engineered to meet local government regulations. They are manufactured to a highquality standard with a minimum of 10:1 factor of safety and tested to 3 times safe working load by an accredited laboratory.


Zitrón has extensive experience in the automation of the ore transport service as well as the transport of personnel in deep shafts with multiple levels.

From the control room, the operator is able to monitor the status of the installation; conveyance location, all access points, loading pockets, chutes, pockets measuring, skip feed chutes, loading and unloading automation in real-time. Communication between the control desk and all shaft level access points is stablished by phone, video and acoustic signals. Shaft automation systems also includes record of shift production, full alarm control and an error-proofing integral security system.


Zitrón designs and supplies complete mine shaft equipment such as guide rope systems, headframes, access doors, gates, counterweights, safety guides, arrestors, etc. Zitrón provides the integration of the mine hoist system with the mine ventilation system