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Zitrón designs and builds PLC control panels, cabinets and power distribution panels to meet the requirements of all ventilation systems. All of our products are constructed to the highest quality standards and conform to all the regulations that apply in the jurisdiction where they are to be used.

Our products are characterised by their reliability, efficiency, low maintenance requirements, ease of operation and optimal functionality.

They include:

  • Control cabinets with PLC.
  • Electrical cabinets:
    • Distribution Panel
    • VSD cabinets
    • SoftStarter cabinets
    • CCM for Jet Fan application

Zitrón Ventilation Monitoring

The ZVM (Zitrón Ventilation Monitoring) monitoring and remote-control system is one example of the products produced by our department. The system enables the supervision, remote-control and capturing of data from ventilation systems. This contributes to improving the  predictive maintenance of ventilation systems, providing access to much more accurate information about the performance of connected fans and accessories.

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