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Zitrón fans are available in a vast range of different sizes, materials and blade types. They are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each application.

Know-how gained over 50 years of manufacturing, installing and maintaining fans in diverse operating environments has given us an invaluable understanding of the must have features required in fans and of the type of fans that work best in each environment. This know-how, combined with our commitment to constant innovation, ensures that Zitrón fans are widely regarded as industry benchmarks.

All the more so because of our ability to validate the performance of our fan designs in our world-leading in-house testing facility, which allows us to test fan performance under the widest operating parameters to thereby give our customers the peace of mind that they will perform as required once installed.

The choice of fan will mainly be determined by the installation where it will be used, with our customers being able to select from our standard range of fans or to avail themselves of our ability to develop custom-made fan designs that will deliver optimal efficiencies.

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Our range of fans can be used in diverse applications:

  • Mining Primary Ventilation
  • Mining Secondary Ventilation
  • Underground infrastructure Temporary Ventilation
  • Underground infrastructure Permanent Ventilation
  • Marine Ventilation
  • Wind tunnel Ventilation

And can be manufactured with varying capabilities, including:

  • 45kW to 5000kW (60HP to 6,700HP)
  • 30 to 1100m3/s (63 KCFM to 2,330 KCFM)
  • up to 15,000 pa (up to WG to 60in WG)
  • 600mm to 6000mm (23in to 230in)

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