Zitrón’s Mobile Work PlatformZitrón’s Mobile Work Platform

Customer demand for productivity gains and enhanced safety has driven Zitrón to develop a road-worthy mobile work platform that simplifies the installation of ventilation fans and the carrying out of regular maintenance work in road tunnels.

Robust and easy to maintain, the platform conforms with all safety regulations applicable to such vehicles and provides an efficient and safe means of performing the required installation or maintenance work. The platform’s articulated arm provides workers with access to any part of a tunnel.

Its safety and productivity features have established the platform as an essential item of equipment for road tunnel operators and for contractors installing or maintaining ventilation systems in tunnels.

Main advantagesMain advantages

  • Enables shorter assembly and maintenance times, thereby reducing traffic interruption.
  • Requires fewer workers to perform assembly and maintenance work.
  • Facilitates access so that work can be completed more efficiently.
  • Provides workers with safe access to perform the intended tasks – protecting them from falling from the vehicle, from vehicle movement while working and from any impact on the vehicle.
  • Enables the transport of all the materials and tools required for installation and maintenance work.


The Mobile Work Platform has been constructed in accordance with the European Union’s Directive 2006/42/CE regarding machinery, and pursuant to the harmonized Standard EN 280:2001+A2:2009 covering mobile elevating work platforms.

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