Booysendal MineBooysendal Mine

Project name
Northam Booysendal Mine South Central
South Africa
Industry category
Platinium mining
Contract type
Turnkey Project
Fan model
ZVN 1-36-1300/8 (3)
Fan type
Fan impeller diameter
3,600 mm
Total installed power
3,900 kW


The challenge: One of the most demanding requirements on this project was the roll-out of the system. The mountainous terrain of the ventilation site and the restricted space available made the installation of conventional ventilation fan stations virtually impossible. This project also required a high level of cooperation and collaboration between the mine’s operations, our ventilation solution and the civil works.

Zitrón’s solution: Zitrón delivered a ventilation system that met the highest technical requirements for air quality, operational reliability and lowest running costs. We installed vertical fans for reducing pressure losses caused by the accessories, for example the elbow. This translated into an important saving in energy consumption.

Scope of Supply: Engineering, design, construction, delivery and installation of the fan system, including the successful commissioning of the three vertical fans.

Results: Zitrón’s solution resulted in substantial cost savings. We worked with the client’s ventilation engineers to analyse the changing mine conditions and develop an operating strategy that delivers increased system efficiency while saving costs.

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