Dugald River MineDugald River Mine

Project name
Dugald River Main Surface Fans
Industry category
Underground Hard Rock Mining
Contract type
Turnkey Project
Fan model
ZVNv 1 36 1400 8
Fan type
Heavy duty Axial Vertical
Fan impeller diameter
3,600 mm
3 off + 1 spare
Total installed power
4,200 kW


The challenge: Deliver a ventilation system that meets the highest technical requirements for air quality, operational reliability and lowest
running costs.

Zitrón’s solution: Whilst horizontal twin fan installations are the commonly chosen option for such environments, their use involves higher energy consumption, due to the need for 90 degree bends to connect the fans to the ventilation air rise Zitrón’s solution was based on using single vertical axial fans mounted directly onto the shaft collar, complemented by an innovative guide rail system that allows for a fast “change out” of the fan Extensive testing showed this to be the most efficient and effective solution for guaranteeing the required air quality and operational reliability.

Scope of Supply: Zitrón’s scope of works compromised the engineering, design, construction, delivery and installation of the switchrooms
MCCs, VSDs, transformers, instrumentation and controls, for three 3 primary fans and a complete spare unit Zitrón was also responsible for all electrical and civil works required to commission and test the fans, in addition to providing training to MMG’s personnel.

Results: Substantial cost savings. Zitrón worked with the client ventilation engineers to analyse the changing mine conditions and develop an operating strategy that delivers increased system efficiency and savings of up to 1 million in annual operational expenditure.

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