Zitrón's Test BenchZitrón's Test Bench

Our investment in innovation and commitment to quality gives you access to the

world’s largest aerodynamic test bench for ventilation systems in underground environments

Zitrón’s cutting-edge test bench (measuring 100m in length and having a cross-section of 52 square metres) is the largest of its type in the world and is certified as an Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc. (AMCA)* approved laboratory. It is capable of reaching an AN1 level of performance tolerance and enables the testing of fans with up to 2,500 kW and 5.8m diameter under simulated real operating conditions.

The test bench allows full-scale testing of fans reproducing any ventilation circuit parameters – flow, pressure, efficiency, vibrations, temperature, etc. – specified by our customers. The testing parameters can cover not only the initial underground conditions, but also potential scenarios that might arise during the life of a project.

Some of the most outstanding features of the test bench include:

  • It is made of concrete and has 600 mm-thick walls. The total test bench volume is 5,145 m3.
  • It has 7 levels with various meshes to achieve a stable flow.
  • A total of 30 nozzles with 16 intakes on each static pressure side facilitate the measuring of the differential pressure.
  • Setting chambers with air vent area of some 52.5 m2.
  • Automatic determination of the stalling area.
  • Self-levelling, fan positioning platform.

*AMCA is a leading independent non-profit organisation that is responsible for establishing and certifying companies that meet the quality standards regarding heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.