Technical PapersTechnical Papers

New Technologies applied to the design and optimization of tunnel ventilation systems


Ing. Justo Suárez

Area Manager – Zitrón

Dot. Ing. Massimiliano Bringiotti
Managing Director – GEOTUNNEL

Ing. Ana Belén Amado
Responsible of CFD and Virtual simulation – Zitrón



Construction of new transport infrastructures is being a social demand during the last decades; therefore many countries have decided to carry out important investments on this field. Among these transport infrastructures, road and railway tunnels and Metro lines are the most significant ones. The amazing improvements and fast growing technology in mechanized tunnel excavation with TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) has made possible the excavation of tunnels with several tens of kilometers.

Subsequently, the technology applied in the electro-mechanic installations to be installed in these tunnels, such as the ventilation, should also be improved. This is a serious challenge in front of us, in order to provide safe and efficient solutions to new and complex problems related to the passenger’s safety in these very long transport tunnels.