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Zitrón has the knowledge, experience and capacity to design and manufacture ventilation solutions for the most challenging environments and to deliver and install them in the most remote locations.

We have a proven and unrivalled track record of supplying ventilation products and services to the underground mining sector, to underground transport infrastructure such as road and rail tunnels, and metro networks, as well as to the marine and wind tunnel sectors.


Dugald River North West Mine - Australia Zitrón

Zitrón has been involved in the mining sector since its founding in 1963. We are committed to supplying underground mines with ventilation systems that improve productivity, increase efficiency, ensure the health and safety of workers, and help optimise capital and operating cost savings.

Customers increasingly look to Zitrón for input during design planning of their ventilation systems and know that Zitrón can follow through with the manufacture, supply and installation of the chosen ventilation solution, as well as provide ongoing specialist maintenance support to ensure the optimal performance of the system throughout its lifespan.

Zitrón’s track record is second to none and today our ventilation systems are operating in a growing number of the world’s most significant underground mines across 6 continents.

Underground Infrastructure

For over 50 years, Zitrón has been at the forefront of providing ventilation solutions for the world’s growing number of underground road and rail tunnels, and metro networks.

World-leading transport infrastructure such as Madrid’s M-30 motorway, Singapore’s Marina Coastal Expressway, the A86 autoroute in Paris and the Attiki Odos motorway in Greece, and many more significant tunnel projects throughout the world have chosen Zitrón as their ventilation supplier. More recently, Zitrón has been entrusted to provide the ventilation for signature projects such as the £18bn London Crossrail (Elizabeth Line) and the US$36bn Doha metro.

Zitrón’s extensive experience and manufacturing capabilities enable us to supply the full range of ventilation solutions for road and rail tunnels, and metro systems, both during the construction stage and for the final operating environment.

Doha Metro - Qatar Zitrón



Zitrón’s Marine Division specialises in supplying ventilation systems for all types of vessels in different marine sectors, including merchant, naval and offshore.

Meeting the ventilation requirements of these vessels and offshore platforms demands a high degree of technical expertise and highly-qualified personnel, both of which Zitrón is able to offer.

In operating environments where space considerations are critical and user safety is paramount, customers look to Zitrón to help design, manufacture and install the optimal ventilation solution.

Wind Tunnels

Zitrón’s expertise in designing and manufacturing high-efficiency axial fans enables us to supply bespoke aerodynamic solutions for a wide range of wind tunnel applications worldwide.

With fans being the critical component of wind tunnels, operators demand designs that use the latest technology and can deliver cost savings and performance reliability.

Zitrón’s technical expertise is complemented by a team of experienced and highly qualified engineers who can supervise and oversee the installation and commissioning of the chosen fans on site, as well as offering an optional ongoing maintenance program.

Bodyflight Gothenburg wind Tunnel Zitrón