Ventilation Solutions for the Marine IndustryVentilation Solutions for the Marine Industry

Zitrón’s Marine Division has the experience and expertise to provide highly technical and customised ventilation solutions for all types of vessels in different marine sectors, including naval, merchant, cruise and ferry, and offshore platforms, amongst others.

Each of these applications has specific requirements arising from space and other critical considerations, and the fact that they are likely to be exposed to quite varying and harsh climatic conditions on an ongoing basis,  so we totally understand the importance of designing ventilation solutions tailored to meet these requirements.


With over 50 years’ experience in all facets of ventilation and with a proven track record of providing the marine industry with ventilation systems that deliver comfort, safety and performance, Zitrón has the skills and resources to provide solutions for the most demanding of marine vessels and ocean platforms.

In addition to our marine ventilation design, manufacture and installation capabilities, we also produce a range of ventilation-related products that are designed to facilitate vessel construction and operation, providing added safety and efficiencies.

These include:

  • Modular airlocks, specially designed for LNG carriers and gas-fuelled vessels, and fully compliant with the IGF code.
  • Mozkeeto, sound attenuating fan that minimises noise levels both onboard and in harbour.
  • High efficiency axial fans that can reach very specific working points, including where the ratio between air pressure and flow is very high.
  • Engine Room Automated Ventilation, being a connected solution that can control the entire engine room ventilation system automatically and provide ongoing data about the system’s performance, including vibration readings on the fans and global temperature.


Our purpose-built range of products includes axial fans with different designs and features, volume dampers and silencers






Our range of accessories allows us to provide complete ventilation packages that guarantee that all components will work seamlessly and efficiently.

Radial Fan

Fire Damper

Special Silencer

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CFD simulations


Zitrón’s ventilation solutions are custom made, using the latest software and know-how, to identify potential improvements and deliver the most efficient designs for each installation.

Factory Acceptance Test


Zitrón’s investment in quality assurance, by building one of the world’s largest test benches for underground ventilation fans, allows us to offer our customers complete Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of their fans.

Damper systems


Zitrón’s extensive know-how and manufacturing capabilities means that we can design and manufacture dampers to meet all customer specifications.