Capacity to operate in the most challenging and remote locations

Ventilation Systems for the Mining IndustryVentilation Systems for the Mining Industry

Zitrón has been providing the underground mining industry with innovative ventilation solutions for over 50 years, helping to drive mine productivity and guarantee worker safety

As underground mining has evolved and pushed into ever deeper depths, Zitrón has been at the forefront of developing state-of-the-art ventilation products and complete systems that play vital roles in ensuring the success of such mining.

Zitrón understands the critical role that ventilation plays in any underground mine, in ensuring the health and safety of workers, and thus a mine’s continuous operation. We are therefore committed to delivering the most effective ventilation solutions possible, harnessing our extensive know-how and resources to design, manufacture and install products and complete systems that maximise safety, reduce energy costs and deliver optimal performance.

This commitment carries across into our passion for excellence in all that we do – our investment in R&D, our embrace of new technologies and our continual desire to innovate. We strive to attract the best talent and to give it the resources to make ventilation the best it can be, for the benefit of our customers, our communities and our people.

Wherever underground mining is carried on, Zitrón will be there, working closely with our customers, to provide them with innovative and bespoke ventilation solutions. We can provide a single product or service, or a complete turnkey system that gives our customers the peace of mind of knowing that their ventilation needs are fully taken care of.

Pajinco Mine Zitrón

Complete and bespoke ventilation systems for the mining industry

Zitrón has established itself as the preferred ventilation provider to underground mining projects across the world, be they situated in the coldest or hottest of locations, or in the most accessible or remote of locations. We are committed to going wherever our customers need us.

And to equipping them with the optimal ventilation solutions for their requirements, ranging from:

  • Fan units tailored to specific mine conditions.
  • Electrical equipment, including power supply with VSD.
  • Control and monitoring systems (PLC).
  • A complete range of guillotines, valves and dampers.
  • Protective grids, diffusers, silencers, transition pieces, connection pieces for horizontal fans and vertical shafts.

Types of VentilationTypes of Ventilation

Main ventilation

All of our primary fans are designed to maximise efficiency and reliability, to minimise power consumption and to deliver maximum performance throughout their lifespan. They are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each mine and their performance parameters can be validated in our world-class test bench before installation.

Secondary ventilation

Auxiliary fans are critical components of ventilation systems, helping to regulate airflow throughout all working areas of a mine. The deeper and more extensive the mine, the greater their importance. At Zitrón, we design, manufacture and supply auxiliary fans that perform to the highest standards and that perfectly complement a mine’s primary fans.

Optimised ventilation systems

Each underground mine is different and therefore each one demands a ventilation system tailored to its specific conditions. Zitrón uses a powerful CFD software, plus know-how and skills honed over more than 50 years, to explore system options and to create the optimal design, which it then submits to rigorous factory testing to validate performance and fitness for purpose.


Comprehensive Testing

Zitrón’s commitment to quality and to maximising customer satisfaction is evidenced by its investment in building one of the world’s largest aerodynamic test bench for ventilation systems for mines and underground infrastructure. This cutting-edge facility reaches an AN1 level of performance tolerance and permits the testing of fans up to 2,500 kW in power and 5.8m in diameter at real operating conditions.


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Monitoring & Control Systems


To ensure that ventilation systems are working as required and that potential issues are minimised, Zitrón supplies a range of data-capture systems that allow for the continuous monitoring and analysis of ventilation system performance.

Mining machinery


As a legacy of Zitrón’s long involvement in the mining industry, we continue to manufacture and supply a range of equipment customised to meet specific tasks, including winches, drilling machines and mine hoists.

Damper systems


Dampers are vital components of any ventilation system and Zitrón has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing dampers that meet the particular requirements of any project.