Bespoke solutions for wind tunnels projects

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Backed by over 50 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing high efficiency axial fans, Zitrón offers bespoke aerodynamic solutions for all types of wind tunnels worldwide.

Fans are the primary component of wind tunnels, providing a concentrated stream of air in either a vertical or horizontal flow. Their design is therefore of critical importance in guaranteeing the success of any wind tunnel, be it used for recreational or industrial purposes.

This is an area where Zitrón excels, through the use of 3D CFD simulations to optimise air-flow circulation, the application of know-how gained over many years and the ability to conduct comprehensive fan testing in our in-house test bench facility.

Zitrón’s experienced and highly qualified engineers can provide a complete package for your wind tunnel requirements, covering all elements from design to manufacture, and installation to maintenance.

Zitrón provides:

Fans for wind tunnels projects

Guide vanes

Optimised impeller hubs

Power supply/
Electronic drives

Aerodynamic pieces at fans inlet & outlet

Control software and
monitoring systems

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CFD simulations


Zitrón’s ventilation solutions are custom made, using the latest software and know-how, to identify potential improvements and deliver the most efficient designs for each installation.

Factory Acceptance Test


Zitrón’s investment in quality assurance, by building one of the world’s largest test benches for underground ventilation fans, allows us to offer our customers complete Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of their fans.

Monitoring & Control Systems

Finger on emergency button in control room.

Monitoring of ventilation system performance is made possible by means of data acquisition systems that enable continuous analysis and provide alerts as regards maintenance requirements.