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Zitrón Australia is part of the Spanish group, Zitrón S.A., a global leader in the field of ventilation solutions for underground environments such as mines, road and rail tunnels, metro systems and other specialist uses.

Founded in 2012, we are today firmly established as a major player in the Australian underground ventilation market, with an acknowledged reputation for the quality of our work and for our willingness to go to the next level to ensure that you have the optimal solutions for your specific environments.

We combine global strength with local experience and capabilities to further our goal of being the underground ventilation provider of choice in Australia and beyond.

Zitrón Australia

Delivering underground ventilation solutions since 1963

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What we do

We can take care of all your underground ventilation requirements, including:

  • Evaluating your project needs and helping to design the optimal solution
  • Providing ventilation for project construction and permanent operation
  • Supplying off-the-shelf products or custom-made solutions
  • Giving you the choice of axial or centrifugal fans, as well as jet fans
  • Delivering a single product or a complete turnkey project
  • Monitoring system performance, providing ongoing maintenance and much more

Allow us to take care of your ventilation requirements so that you can focus on all the other elements of your project.

You can rest easy knowing that you have access to over 50 years of experience and to the full resources of the Zitrón group.

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The scope of work may vary from project to project, but our customers know that engaging Zitrón Australia guarantees access to unparalleled experience, to products and services of the highest quality, and to an unwavering commitment to getting the job done on time and on budget.

These proven benefits mean that the list of projects entrusted to us for ventilation solutions is growing by the day.

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Australian Head Office
3 Redemptora Road
Henderson WA 6166

+ 61 8 9521 5101


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