Guadarrama TunnelGuadarrama Tunnel

ZVR 1-20-560/4
Total power
8760 kW
Northern portal
2 x ZVN 1-20-450/4 (One for each tunnel)
Southern portal
3 x ZVN 1-18-315/4 (One for each tunnel)

Zitrón carried out the ventilation of the tunnels in Guadarrama for the high-speed train (AVE), the fifth longest tunnels in the world.

The works consisted in the construction of two parallel tunnels with a distance of 30 metres between the centre of each tunnel. One tunnel was constructed for each direction, with a length of 28.4 kilometres and a section of 52 m2. The tunnels are interconnected by means of 250 metres of emergency passageways. The is a 500 metre-long emergency area, which is located at an equidistant point from both tunnel portals. The area can hold up to 1200 people if the tunnels have to be evacuated. This area is accessed via the emergency passageways.

The tunnels are monitored from a control centre located in the Segovia Guiomar AVE station. This centre monitors the tunnels’ energy, lighting, signaling and communications systems, as well as fire detection and spreading, passageway aeration, the emergency area and, of course, the ventilation systems.