Zitrón's ProductsZitrón's Products

Zitrón’s success is based on our commitment to innovation and to ensuring that our customers have access to the cutting-edge products that they need to meet their specific ventilation requirements.

Zitrón customers can be confident that our products are manufactured to the highest standards and will fulfil their performance, reliability and cost-efficiency requirements.

Ventilation Fans

Zitrón Underground Ventilation

Zitrón’s range of axial and centrifugal fans are designed to meet the most demanding underground mine, tunnel, metro and marine ventilation applications. They incorporate the latest technologies and highest quality components, and are tailored to fulfill our customer’s performance and cost requirements.

Damper Systems


Zitrón-produced dampers are designed to meet the demanding statutory regulations that are in force in all jurisdictions to ensure user safety in underground installations such as mines, road and rail tunnels, and metro stations. They are manufactured using heavy duty, high quality materials that will provide the required smoke and fire control.

Mobile Work Platform


Zitrón’s mobile work platform has been specifically designed to facilitate installation and maintenance work on fans in road tunnels, thereby delivering enhanced productivity and cost savings.



Safety is paramount to Zitrón and is at the heart of our proprietary Modulbyp unit, which we have developed to provide a protected communication-enabled corridor for users of road and rail tunnels.

Electrical Controls & Instrumentation


Zitrón produces custom-made electrical control cabinets that allow operator control of a customer’s specific ventilation system.

Mining Equipment


As a consequence of Zitrón’s origins in supplying Spain’s coal mining industry, we continue to produce a limited range of mining equipment, including winches, drills and hoists.

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