Regular maintenance of a ventilation system is essential to ensuring its proper performance. In the case of ventilation systems installed in highly corrosive environments such as mines and tunnels, where fans are susceptible to increased failures and greater than usual wear and tear, regular maintenance takes on critical importance in guaranteeing their efficient, reliable and safe performance.

Zitrón’s experience, know-how and tailored tools means that we are ideally qualified to carry out all maintenance work on ventilation systems. We can design and implement an integral maintenance program for all ventilation systems, thereby allowing for preventative and corrective action to be taken as and when required.

Allow Zitrón to improve your productivity by:

Establishing tailored maintenance protocols

Creating an audit checklist to evaluate your system maintenance

Designing an optimal remedial action plan

Enhancing data collection and analysis

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance focuses on ensuring a system’s continued operation and availability. This service follows the failure of any system component and involves the repair or rebuild of the broken component to have the system operational as quickly as possible. The primary tasks are to detect failures, identify the cause, carry out the necessary repair work and restore system operation.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance services are intended to have ventilation systems performing to their specifications and to identify potential problems before they occur. Taking a proactive approach and conducting regular check-ups of systems helps to extend equipment life, reduce work stoppages and increase safety levels.

Predictive maintenance, the future of

Zitrón’s specially designed monitoring and data acquisition systems, allow our trained personnel to anticipate potential problems through increased system control. These systems facilitate:

  • Full monitoring
  • Remote operation
  • Events log and trend analysis
  • Events and alarms visualization
  • Systems efficiency reports

Predictive maintenance plays an important role as it focuses on identifying the potential failure and, defining the timing and scope of the required preventive action.

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